A Lawn Being Sprinkled

2d: David Hockney | 3d: Ina Centaur

In making the 3d version of this original 2d painting by David Hockney, I took the liberty of using a number of technological toys at my disposal, including remants of an unofficial undergrad thesis. Image processing has always been a hobby for me, and, naturally, I applied an image generation algorithm using parts of Hockney's painting (from Nicolas' Web Museum) as seed images to create a series of seamless texture that, because of interpolation, is actually unique from the seeds. In addition, there are several SL—intrinsic extensions of the piece. The background poolhouse uses a sculpted roof from Cel Edman's sculpt map store. Scripting the sprinklers in motion was also an extra bit of fun, and of course, I could probably have taken greater care to realism... but I capitalized on the sort of flat look of Hockney's pop art, mixing particles with texture animations. Finally, I decided that I had to complete the scene beyond the frame, fully defining the setting as a classic Californian fenced—in sloped backyard!


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