2d: MC Escher | 3d: Wizard Gynoid

I have always dreamed of being able to fly into M.C. Escher's paintings, and in particular into Escher's "Stars" with its enigmatic chameleons floating through infinite black space. Sometimes in my real life dreams I think that I accomplished that wish, but the feeling was always less than satisfying. It was this desire that drove me to build Escher's "Stars" in SecondLife's 3D environment. It is for this reason that the build is oversized, so that the viewer can fly into the etching and feel like they are a part of the painting. I created the illusion of infinite black space with the "black hole box." Once inside, it appears that one is alone with the chameleons in empty black space. The polyhedra were constructed by me over the course of about seven months. In most cases I made a folded card stock version in Real Life first and then constructed the SecondLife version by hand, using the RL version for reference. All polyhedra were made by hand, without using outside modelers or scripts.


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