The Lesson of Anoobtomy

2d: Rembrandt van Rijn | 3d: Nahasa Singh

"Art is the technology of the soul" — Ayn Rand
Consider Rembrandt, a master of lights and shadows. Give him access to the palette and possibilities of Second Life. What would he create ? Probably something completely different than a 3D immersive recreation of his own painting. So I decided to build it myself.

"Does humor belong in music ?" — Frank Zappa
The question is still valid if you replace "music" by "SL art"... I always wondered why so many installations in SL have a somber, gloomy quality. Beautiful as they are, these works usually paint a world of melancholy and sadness. I wanted fun. And what could be funnier than being autopsied by a group of creepy noobs ?

Credits : The sculpted noob is a creation of Art Laxness, who graciously released it for public use and abuse. Poseball is a freebie created by Liv Serf. Concept, scene design and noob clothing by Nahasa Singh.


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