The Apotheosis of S. Ignatius

2d: Andrea Pozzo | 3d: Ina Centaur

“A primting is a painting ‘interpreted into 3d' with prims—the idea of the Primtings Trompe l'oeil Gallery is to work this magic of prims to turn Pinocchio into a real boy—via a whole bunch of 2d perspective—illusion paintings, given life and cast for action in a 3d virtual world.” –Ina Centaur

Through a painter's brilliance, the underbudgeted project of Sant'Ignazio, the Cathedral of Saint Ignatius, was bequeathed with its planned domes and high ceilings—through visual illusion. Nearly four hundred years ago, Andrea Pozzo painted his ceiling frescoes using a perspective—illusion technique called quadratura. Through geometrical adroitness, flat panels adorned with paint became transformed into breathtakingly “touchable” scenes of apotheosis, and other divine motifs of the Italian Baroque. His audacious art presented religious epiphanies, became enshrined in a cathedral, surviving the ages to the present—to be completed into a build in 3d in the virtual world of Second Life, in Primtings Museum, a gallery of 3d interpretations of 2d paintings.

Artist and Curator Ina Centaur builds Pozzo's painted ceilings in 3d, using techniques geared for widely—accessible virtual worlds. Textures are optimized, and texture—repeat methods used to present variation, while lowpoly methods are used where appropriate. Starting with The Apotheosis of S. Ignatius, painted in the nave ceiling of Sant'Ignazio, the project expands to include Pozzo's trompe l'oeil dome, as well as a new gallery of trompe l'oeil primtings.

Visitors are encouraged to “interact” with the primting, via art intervening, and to view the anamorphosis piece from a scripted perspective camera.


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