2d: MC Escher | 3d: Solkide Auer

“It is impossible for the inhabitants of different worlds to walk or sit or stand on the same floor, because they have differing perceptions of what is horizontal and what is vertical. Yet they may well share the use of the same staircase.”

MC Escher

It depicts a paradoxical world in which the normal laws of gravity do not apply.
The architectural structure seems to be the centre of an idyllic community and in the world of Relativity, there are actually three sources of gravity, each being orthogonal to the two others.

I've always loved Escher's creations for the strong emotions I felt in admiring his works. Creating 3D Relativity in SL has been a way to thank him for the enthusiasm he injected into me. I'd like to dedicate my work to him, to his modernity and his ability of showing objects in a visionary way. He was surely aware that one day technology would be able to complete the work he created decades before. I created Relativity by using the simple elements of “build”, shaping every piece one by one without using any script. It can be defined as a handmade work.


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