Primtings is a prim'd paintings gallery.

We are a museum dedicated to the interactive exploration of famous paintings and artwork brought to virtual life via 3D prims and other techniques.

A web preview of our exhibits is available on the panel to the right. Each display is also available for view in Second Life, an immersive open-ended 3d virtual world. Some exhibits also have 3d previews in SketchUp.












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Alphabetical by SL Artist Name

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Shuttlecocks Shuttlecocks
2d: Claes Oldenburg | 3d: Gatz Morang | Primtings Gallery: Contemporary
The RL setting plays an important role for these sculptures, where the main museum building is a large, rectangular Beaux Arts building centered on a large green lawn. Coosje van Bruggen envisioned the lawn as a badminton court, with the building as the n (more)
Controlled Substances Key Painting 3'' Spot Controlled Substances Key Painting 3'' Spot
2d: Damien Hirst | 3d: Dekka Raymaker | Primtings Gallery: Contemporary
At first I considered doing one of his vitrines with an animal suspended in formaldehyde, but thought that would just look like direct copy from real life into Second Life. Then in a review about the vitrines I read "seducing the viewer into the work visu (more)
The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living
2d: Damien Hirst | 3d: Ina Centaur | Primtings Gallery: Contemporary
Like its RL grandfather, this virtual version did not actually create the submerged shark, but illustrates a profound conceptualization; in this case, it is an interactive extension, where the viewer can either join or replace the shark (by taking a copy (more)
Exit Exit
2d: Ed Ruscha | 3d: Wyatt Wellman | Primtings Gallery: Contemporary
"Sometimes found words are the most pure because they have nothing to do with you. I take things as I find them. A lot of these things come from the noise of everyday life." —Ed Ruscha, cited in: Ed Ruscha, (Ed.), They Called Her Styrene, London 2000 (more)

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