Primtings is a prim'd paintings gallery.

We are a museum dedicated to the interactive exploration of famous paintings and artwork brought to virtual life via 3D prims and other techniques.

A web preview of our exhibits is available on the panel to the right. Each display is also available for view in Second Life, an immersive open-ended 3d virtual world. Some exhibits also have 3d previews in SketchUp.












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Alphabetical by SL Artist Name

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Fountain Fountain
2d: Marcel Duchamp | 3d: Paula Dix | Primtings Gallery: Dada
What called my attention to Duchamp was the way he works the ideas and not just the image or shape; he actually play with ideas, mixing the plastic and the literary, making a very rich way of doing art that, even if not exactly popular, has many many foll (more)

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