Primtings is a prim'd paintings gallery.

We are a museum dedicated to the interactive exploration of famous paintings and artwork brought to virtual life via 3D prims and other techniques.

A web preview of our exhibits is available on the panel to the right. Each display is also available for view in Second Life, an immersive open-ended 3d virtual world. Some exhibits also have 3d previews in SketchUp.












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Alphabetical by SL Artist Name

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Nighthawks Nighthawks
2d: Edward Hopper | 3d: Tezcatlipoca Bisiani | Primtings Gallery: Realism
The counter in Hopper's iconic American painting is mysterious. Triangle or lopsided square? Where, exactly, do the coffee urns go? In at least one other rendition (a stage set for a play) the placement is completely different than mine, and yet it “works (more)
Steam Stag at Sharkey's Steam Stag at Sharkey's
2d: George Bellows | 3d: Bryn Oh | Primtings Gallery: Realism
This piece is based on “Stag at Sharkey's,” a painting by George Bellows. The strong use of line in the composition and his ability to create a dynamic sense of movement in the figures is what drew me to this work. When creating “Steam Stag at Sharke (more)
The Lesson of Anoobtomy The Lesson of Anoobtomy
2d: Rembrandt van Rijn | 3d: Nahasa Singh | Primtings Gallery: Realism
"Art is the technology of the soul" — Ayn Rand Consider Rembrandt, a master of lights and shadows. Give him access to the palette and possibilities of Second Life. What would he create ? Probably something completely different than a 3D immersive recreat (more)

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