Primtings is a prim'd paintings gallery.

We are a museum dedicated to the interactive exploration of famous paintings and artwork brought to virtual life via 3D prims and other techniques.

A web preview of our exhibits is available on the panel to the right. Each display is also available for view in Second Life, an immersive open-ended 3d virtual world. Some exhibits also have 3d previews in SketchUp.












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Alphabetical by SL Artist Name

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Synchronization... Synchronization...
2d: Jose Pedro | 3d: zephyru Zapedzki | Primtings Gallery: Surrealism
Second Life has the capacity to allow that the most bold Surrealistic/metaphysical concept in Real life, become an In—World triviality. Thus, gave me the amazing oportunity to touch (or avatouch) the interior of my canvas. This Art Installation is based o (more)
At The First Clear Word At The First Clear Word
2d: Max Ernst | 3d: Kacy Despres | Primtings Gallery: Surrealism
This was the first piece I built and I was struck by the clean lines and vivid colors of the original painting. I love Ernst's work, his version of surrealism speaks to me, and conveys such emotion, even when the canvas is filled with what seems to be a r (more)
Oedipus Rex Oedipus Rex
2d: Max Ernst | 3d: Kacy Despres | Primtings Gallery: Surrealism
This painting spoke to me as soon as I saw it, and I just had to try to make it come to life. It presented definite challenges as I tried to use as few sculpted prims in these works as possible. I created the majority of the textures by hand, wanting to t (more)
Ambiguous Figures Ambiguous Figures
2d: Max Ernst | 3d: Kacy Despres | Primtings Gallery: Surrealism
There is something so mischievous, almost childlike in this painting. To me it's the quintessential pair of bad guys, who aren't really bad at all, constantly plotting and scheming, with rarely a desired outcome. The shapes in this painting were reflecte (more)
Seascape Seascape
2d: Max Ernst | 3d: Kacy Despres | Primtings Gallery: Surrealism
I was drawn to the calm serenity of this painting, an idyllic seaside landscape, with Ernst's usual dose of the surreal. This piece contrasted nicely with my others, I loved the colors and the airy feel of the scene. This was another I build I chose to ta (more)
The Elephant Celebes The Elephant Celebes
2d: Max Ernst | 3d: Kacy Despres | Primtings Gallery: Surrealism
I loved the dark whimsy of this piece. The mammoth, clanking metal elephant, looking like Tim Burton's version of Dumbo, in stark contrast to the pale naked bust created such an intense energy in the piece. The dark, brooding sky and landscape lent an alm (more)
Relativity Relativity
2d: MC Escher | 3d: Solkide Auer | Primtings Gallery: Surrealism
“It is impossible for the inhabitants of different worlds to walk or sit or stand on the same floor, because they have differing perceptions of what is horizontal and what is vertical. Yet they may well share the use of the same stai (more)
Stars Stars
2d: MC Escher | 3d: Wizard Gynoid | Primtings Gallery: Surrealism
I have always dreamed of being able to fly into M.C. Escher's paintings, and in particular into Escher's "Stars" with its enigmatic chameleons floating through infinite black space. Sometimes in my real life dreams I think that I accomplished that wish, (more)
Don Quixote Don Quixote
2d: Pablo Picasso | 3d: Ub Yifu | Primtings Gallery: Surrealism
That original ink drawing by Picasso must have been made very quickly with a free hand and a lot of spontaneity that gives that special feeling to it. So i tried to reproduce it in 3D and keep the same feeling but my work was much more long and hard to (more)
Son of Man Son of Man
2d: Rene Magritte | 3d: Dekka Raymaker | Primtings Gallery: Surrealism
I could have chosen any number of surrealist paintings for interpretation in SL, but this is one of my favorite ones, Son of Man, 1964 by René Magritte (1898–1967). I think many surrealists would have loved the concept of Second Life. Magritte was a B (more)
Time Transfixed Time Transfixed
2d: Rene Magritte | 3d: Blue Tsuki | Primtings Gallery: Surrealism
Rene Magritte practiced a particularly elegant flavor of surrealism that influenced me long ago and resonates to this day. I chose this particular image not only because it is one of my favorites, but also because it exemplifies that simplicity of strange (more)
The Human Condition The Human Condition
2d: Rene Magritte | 3d: zephyru Zapedzki | Primtings Gallery: Surrealism
I decided to build an InWorld tribute to one of my favourite Painters of all time, Rene Magritte, so I chosed the “The Human Condition” (1935) cause I want to bring the concept of those distinctive features of human existence to SL, “Why was I born? Why a (more)
Persistence of Memory Persistence of Memory
2d: Salvador Dali | 3d: Voodoo Shilton | Primtings Gallery: Surrealism
I've long been a fan of surrealist artists (M. C. Escher and Salvador Dali in particular) and thought a SL interpretation of Dali's classic was long overdue. For me the melting watches are a metaphor for the relativity of time and space, a relatively new (more)
Space Elephant Space Elephant
2d: Salvador Dali | 3d: Ub Yifu | Primtings Gallery: Surrealism
"It is moving through space towards the heavens, legs stretched out and more delicate in the weightless atmosphere, the space elephant carries an obelisk, symbol of the progress of technology." Surealistic figures are a great inspiration for SL where (more)

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